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When one thinks of Milan, it is hard not to think of high fashion. It is this synonymous relationship that was the inspiration behind SINA The Gray, a 21 room, ultra-hip hotel in the center of Milan.

Located just a stone’s throw away from the Duomo and La Scala Opera House, SINA The Gray’s ideal location is just as notable as the hotel’s interesting aesthetic. Each of the 21 rooms is unique and features cool characteristics like floating beds, sleek lines, bright colors and fine art that make guests stop in their tracks to admire. SINA The Gray even has two bi-level rooms, one with steam bath and two rooms with private gyms. The hotel also features the GBAR, Le Noir Restaurant and Aria, an outdoor terrace that serves lunch and candlelit dinners.  SINA The Gray is an infinitely fascinating place to “people watch” and experience Milan’s unique energy.

Highlights of SINA The Gray include:
• 21 uniquely designed contemporary rooms, including floating beds and sleek lines
• Features 2 bi-level rooms and 2 rooms with private gyms
• Centrally located in the fashion and cultural heart of Milan
• Mingle with Milan’s fashionistas at the GBAR or Le Noir Restaurant
• Aria, the outdoor roof-top terrace and restaurant has become one of Milan’s trendiest venues for people watching during the summer months

GDS Code: LX

Via San Raffaele, 6 - 20121 Milano (Italy)

Tel +39 02 7208951

Fax +39 02 866526






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